Fall 2019 Grant Recipients


Grant Recipient, Ashley F.

"Where do I start with what the grant has done for me?  The grant has done more for me than I could have ever thought possible. I now have not only gained so many aspects of my health back, but I also have gained the support team I have been praying for. 

The grant provided me the ability to meet Dr. LaCava and his wife Suzanne, who have continued to treat me after the grant ran out. I have made lifelong friends, the staff even took me out to dinner one night. The grant provided me the ability to find the right doctors to gain my life back, and I could not be more thankful.  I have seen so many changes, as have the people close to me since I started this treatment in November.

Last year I was unable to even stay awake for an hour. I spent my days in bed or in the hospital. I was unable to drive, to read, to write, to cook, to work. I lost all of my hair, my skin looked awful, I was smaller than I had ever been in my life. I truly wanted to end my life, I felt like I was already dying. 

This has all changed for me since I started this treatment, and I have more improvements with every round. The grant has given me the ability to have excitement for life again. I am not only healing my Lyme disease and co-infections, but I am also healing myself and finding a whole new person that's been hidden behind these infections for 14 years. 

I am beyond grateful I took a leap of faith, and I asked for help. I wouldn't be writing this today if I didn't."

Fall 2019 Grant Recipient, Ashley F.


Thank you!

Thank you to our generous donors and all who donate for making these grants possible! Together, we are making a difference one grant at a time. Here's to Lyme treatment for all!