Grant Information and FAQ's for Spring 2020

Who is eligible to apply?

- Only those currently residing in the U.S. are eligible to apply at this time. 

- Applicant may apply once per year. 

- Applicant must demonstrate true financial need. 

- All ages are eligible to apply. 

- It is not required that you have a positive Lyme disease test to apply, but you must show "proof of illness". This should be a letter from a physician stating symptoms, how long you have been ill, etc., showing a high likelihood of a tick-borne infection. 

- If you do not yet have a positive Lyme disease, or tick-borne illness test, please apply here: Link coming soon

When does the grant application open and close?

- Application dates TBA in the new year.

Grant Information:

- Grant recipients will receive up to $4,000 dollars to cover treatment costs with an ILADS trained physician. 

- Funds will be given directly to an ILADS trained physician, where they will discuss appropriate treatment options for you, or your child. 

- If you, or your child, are currently seeing an ILADS trained physician, the funds can be sent directly to the current doctor you are seeing.

- If you, or your child, are not currently seeing a Lyme literate physician, we will work with you to find one in your area.

- Grant recipients will be able to send the funds ONLY to a ILADS trained physician.

Application Information: 

- We do not store or share any of your information.  

- After grant decisions have been made, applications will be deleted to ensure your information is protected. You may also wish to keep files on your computer to be able to apply again more easily in the future, if need be.

- Some of the documents requested in the application are optional, however, the more information you can provide us with, as related to your tick-borne illness, the more likely you will receive a grant. 

- We do not need medical records unrelated to your tick-borne illness diagnosis.

- This application must be completed in one sitting. It may be best to save all files you will be uploading on your desktop and then complete the application at a later time.


- The application will store your answers to the short answer and “yes” or “no” questions for 24 hours on the same browser. After that, the data you entered will be lost.

Mailing in Supplemental Information:

- We will no longer be accepting mailed in applications, however, we will be accepting mailed in supplemental information, such as a physician's note.

- Supplemental information may be mailed to the address below.

Lyme Treatment Foundation, Inc.

Attn. Grant Committee

102 N.E. 2nd Street Suite 907

Boca Raton, FL 33432

Contact Us:

- All other grant related questions can be directed to: 

- Please do not email asking specific questions as to where the grant funds can go. Lyme Treatment Foundation, Inc. will send grant funds ONLY to a ILADS trained physician.

- Due to a high number of emails being received, it may take a longer time to get back to you.

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